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    Brian Ballentine

    I’m finishing up my third month as a Mogi and am really happy to be practicing at Power Yoga Morgantown. Amanda and Jared are excellent instructors who have that special talent of drawing your best out of you during class. They inspired many of us to complete September’s 30 Day Challenge. After showing up at the studio for a month straight, I noticed changes not just in flexibility and my basic ability to “do” yoga, but my core strength had improved and I was much more conscious of my breath when I exercised. Yoga is now a key component of my fitness routine. I feel like when I’m doing other things such as running and training for a race or strength training at the gym, my form and endurance are better even after just a few short months of yoga. If you’ve got preconceived notions that yoga is somehow less rigorous exercise, stop by and take a class…I think you’ll be surprised. I’m already looking forward to the next PoYoMo challenge!



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