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    Erica Sapp

    1. What is the most powerful lesson you have learned through your yoga practice?

    A combination of patience, strength and understanding. Strength because you are always stronger than you believe yourself to be; and, well, patience and understanding can get you through pretty much anything that comes your way. 

    2. What is your favorite yoga pose?  Least favorite?

    Dancer!!!!! I absolutely love this pose (Followed by wheel as a close second). Least favorite? Perhaps, half pigeon. I’m getting better at it; but, sometimes it’s still difficult or really challenging for me.

    3. If you could be the star of one cartoon (TV or Movie) what star would you be? 

    I did two internships with Disney Entertainment in Orlando, FL and was very good friends with Ariel.  *;) winking

    4. What do you love about practicing yoga as a community?

    Sometimes you can pull strength from others.  Others can also serve as motivators.  I think I most enjoy some of the funny moments.  Especially the roars.  Shared experiences help to form and strengthen bonds.  The community may be small (with respect to the size of Morgantown); but, I always enjoy seeing the same friendly faces. *:) happy 

    5. Do you make resolutions?  If yes, what is one for 2014.  If no, why?!

    I usually make the same ones every year. a) Be kind to everyone you meet. b) Do what you can to be happy. c) Learn something new every day. I have yet to break them.

    6. What is your advice for a new Mogi?

    Allow yourself to try new things on your own and don’t be afraid of falling. You might surprise yourself and find a new passion. I had been wanting to try hot yoga for years; but, I was waiting to find one friend that wanted to go with me. Finally, I made the decision to try it myself and now I’ve actually gotten some of my friends to give it a try. Also, you’ll be amazed at how fast your body will change. I’ve been exercising for years and dancing since I could walk; but, in the few short months (end of September/beginning of October was when I started hot yoga at Po_Yo_Mo) I’m amazed at how strong I’ve gotten and how much my body has changed. I was so excited the first day I took flight with crow pose. Just the other day I was able to take Birds of Paradise. Tiny accomplishments that I was proud of. I’m still working towards my handstand, though. *;) winking Your body is capable of doing amazing things. If you treat it right and fuel it right, it will surprise you.



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